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Lucía Melisa Zini

Área: Laboratorio de Anatomía Vegetal | Categoría: Investigador


Doctora en Biología/Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas/Profesora Universitaria

Auxiliar docente de Primera Categoría, cátedra Morfología de Plantas Vasculares 

Investigador CONICET. Categoría: Investigador Asistente

Lineas de Investigación / Intereses

Anatomía vegetal 


Trabajos relevantes

Últimos 5 años: 

Gotelli MM, Lattar Elsa C, Zini LM, Rosenfeldt S, Galati B. 2023. Tapetal ultrastructure in Angiosperms. Planta. DOI:

González V, Ortega Baes P, Ferrucci MS, Zini LM. Gynoecium structure and pollen tube pathway in the cactus family with emphasis on the tribe Trichocereeae (Cactaceae, Cactoideae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. DOI:

Zini LM, Galati BG, Carrera CS. 2023. High temperatures during late floral bud stages decrease fertilization in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa): pollen-pistil interaction and anatomical evidences. Plant Biosystems. Ed. Taylor & Francis DOI:

Zini LM, Galati BG, Gotelli M, Zarlavsky G, Ferrucci MS. 2019. Carpellary appendages of Nymphaea and Victoria (Nymphaeaceae): evidence of the osmophore role based on its morphology, anatomy, and ultrastructure. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. 191. DOI

Ávalos A, Zini LM, Ferrucci MS, Lattar EC. 2019. Anther and gynoecium structure and development of male and female gametophytes in both flower morphs of Koelreuteria elegans subsp. formosana (Sapindaceae). Flora 255: 98-109. Ed. Elsevier GmbH. DOI: 

Lattar EC, Bobeda G, Zini LM. 2019. Pollen morphological and morphometric analysis in species of the Aeschynomeneae and Adesmieae tribes (Faboideae, Fabaceae). Palynology. Ed. Taylor & Francis 44(1): 187-194. DOI:

Zini LM, Carrera CS, Lattar EC, Ferrucci MS. 2018. Pollen morphology in selected species of Caricaceae with special reference to novel palynological characters. Botany 96 (1): 1-8. DOI:


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