About us

The Botanical Institute of the Northeast (IBONE) is a research institute established on December, 1977, under an agreement between the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (in Spanish: Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, CONICET) and Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (National University of the Northeast, UNNE).

Numerous researchers, technicians, and grantees perform within the facilities of our institute. Diverse scientific and technological researches are carried out and human resources are trained to become highly qualified in the main areas: Taxonomy, Cytogenetics and Evolution, Anatomy, Grass Genetics, Plant Physiology, and Biotechnology and Functional Genomics. Moreover, services and assistance to third parties are provided in each of the above-mentioned areas.

In Argentina, deep within the core of the northeast, IBONE aims at providing technical and scientific knowledge and services in order to comprehend the regional biodiversity, carry out environmental baseline surveys and promote sustainable product development in the region as well as in the whole country.