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Researchers fulfilling their roles at our Herbarium collaborate with numerous national and foreign institutions by identifying the taxonomy of the botanical material received as a gift for this purpose. Samples may belong either to the particular groups studied especially at our institute or to general collections. This service is considered to be part of the role of a Herbarium, which benefits for the enrichment of its collections.

Lines of Research

  • Biogeografy of Turneraceae in America. Head: Dr. María Mercedes Arbo.
  • Review of Bignoniaceae in Argentina and Paraguay. Head: Dr. María Mercedes Arbo.
  • Review of Lythraceae and Lentibulariaceae in Argentina. Head: Dr. María Mercedes Arbo.
  • Systematic, phylogenetic, and cytogenetic studies of American genera in family Rubiaceae. Head: Dr. Cabral Elsa L. CONICET Grantees: Roberto Salas, Andrea Cabaña Fader, and Sandra Martín. Undergraduate thesis students: Sandra Sobrado and Laila Miguel.
  • Systematics and evolution of Asteraceae. Cytogenetics, morphology, anatomy, palynology, and taxonomy of South American species in the tribes Vernonieae and Eupatorieae, especially in genera Vernonia, Lessingianthus, Chrysolaena, Vernonanthura, Lepidaploa, Stenocephalum, Mattfeldanthus, and Campuloclinium. Head: Dr. Massimiliano Dematteis.
  • Monographic studies of genus Stylosanthes (Leguminosae) for America. Head: Ricardo O. Vanni (B.A.E.)
  • Peanut germplasm (Arachis hypogaea L.). Heads: Ricardo O. Vanni (B.A.E.) and Antonio Krapovickas (B.A.E.)
  • Floristic studies. Head: Ricardo O. Vanni (B.A.E.). Project members: M. Gabriela López and Marcos Dávalos.
  • Iguazú National Park flora. Head: Ricardo O. Vanni (B.A.E.).
  • Biosystematic studies on Cyperaceae in Argentina. Head: María Gabriela López (B.A.E.).
  • Structural evolution patterns, inflorescence development, and foliar anatomy of Cyperoideae (Cyperaceae). Head: Abelardo Vegetti. Members: Nicolás Javier Guarise, María Gabriela López, Andrea Guadalupe Reutemann, and Priscila Van de Velde.
  • Biosystematic studies on American species in the families Sapindaceae, Malvaceae - Grewioideae and Ophioglossaceae (Pteridophyte). Head: Dr. María Silvia Ferrucci.
  • Taxonomic, biogeographical and phylogenetic studies on genus Schizachyrium (Poaceae: Andropogoneae). Head: Dr. Myriam Carolina Peichoto.

Publications (last 2 years)


  • Angulo, M. B., Chalup, L. M. Dematteis. 2018. Systematics value of micromorphological and palynological characters in Stenocephalum Sch.Bip. (Vernonieae, Asteraceae). Turkish Journal of Botany (En prensa).
  • Brem, M.C., Coulleri, J.P., Volponi, C.R. & Ferrucci, M.S. 2018. Tamaño del genoma, características cariotípicas y tamaño del polen en especies argentinas de Spergula (Caryophyllaceae). Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 53(2): XX-XX. ISSN 0373-580 X. En prensa.
  • Carmo J.A.M., Sobrado S.V., Salas R.M. & A.O. Simões. Revisiting Psyllocarpus goiasensis (Rubiaceae: Spermacoceae): a new synonym, notes on type specimens, and conservation status assessment of this endemic species from the campo rupestre of Goiás state, central Brazil. Kew Bulletin, en prensa.
  • Carmo J.A.M., Sobrado S.V., Salas R.M. & A.O. Simões. Two New Threatened Species of Psyllocarpus (Rubiaceae; Spermacoceae) from Eastern Brazil. Systematic Botany, en prensa.
  • Florentín, J.E., M.D. Arana, D.E. Prado, J.J. Morrone & R.M. Salas. Diversification of Galianthe species (Rubiaceae) in the Neotropical seasonally dry forests: A study case of a mainly subshrubby genus. Plan Ecology and Evolution, en prensa.
  • Jimenez S. & D. Toren. 2018. Philonotis minuta (Bartramiaceae, Bryophyta) is proposed as the correct name for P. brevifolia, and recorded for the first time in North America from California (U.S.A.). Cryptogamie, Bryologie 38(3): 1-8.
  • Lattar EC, GB Galati, CS Carrera, MS Ferrucci. 2018. Floral nectaries of Heliocarpus popayanensis and Luehea divaricata (Malvaceae-Grewioideae): Structure and ultrastructure. Australian Journal of Botany 66:59-73.
  • Marques, D., Angulo, M. B., Nakajima, J. N. & M. Dematteis. 2018. The taxonomic utility of floral microcharacters in Lepidaploa (Vernonieae: Asteraceae). Nordic Journal of Botany (Aceptado para su publicación).
  • Miguel, L.M., S.D. Janssens, S.V. Sobrado, S. Dessein & E.L. Cabral. 2018. The monotypic Brazilian genus Diacrodon is a synonym of Borreria (Spermacoceae, Rubiaceae): morphological and molecular evidences. Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências. ISSN 1678-2690.
  • Nepomuceno F.A., E. B. Souza, I.V. Nepomuceno, L. M. Miguel, E. L. Cabral & M. I. Bezerra Loiola. 2018. O Gênero Borreria G. Mey. (Rubiaceae, Spermacoceae) no Estado do Ceará, Brasil. Rodriguésia. ISSN 0370-6583.
  • Rocha L., Arbo M.M. & P.L. Ribeiro. 2018. Turnera spicata: a new species of Turneraceae (Passifloraceae s.l.) from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Phytotaxa 343(2): 167-174.
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Chapters in Edited Collections


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