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Digital Colection

IBONE aims at providing access to available data about Argentinian and American plant species. This service has already started with Documenta Florae Australis and the Virtual Herbarium seeks to increase it.

In IBONE, there are taxonomists specialized in different groups. None of them are limited to Argentinian species, so the produced taxonomic revisions are of interest to any Neotropical country. The material, obtained from collection trips and exchanges with other herbaria, properly represents Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. The usage of the collection (so far accessible only by visiting the Herbarium personally) will increase widely: the Virtual Herbarium will allow people interested in Argentinian Flora and American Biodiversity to get the data. Furthermore, the identifications carried out by specialists or reliable technicians will ease the recognition of native species.

Since it enables the management of data according to taxonomic, geographic and environmental criteria, the systematization of data is the basis of countless researches.

Access to Virtual Herbarium:

Sistema Nacional de Datos Biológicos (SNDB)

IBONE became part of SNDB (National System of Biological Data) in 2010. From then on, it has taken part in programs and training courses in order to make their data available to the general public.

As part of this national system, IBONE makes publications as data supplier at Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) platform. Data can be accessed through the following link:

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