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Bonplandia is a periodic publication of the Botanical Institute of the Northeast (UNNE-CONICET), founded in 1960. The journal is open to original papers dealing with all groups of plants and related organisms (cyanobacteria, algae, fungi and lichens), both present-day organisms and fossils. The areas of study are taxonomy, anatomy, morphology, physiology, genetics, cytogenetics, applied biotechnology and functional genomics, ethnobotany, palynology, floristics, ecology and other plant biology areas. Papers in our journal are focused on the aforementioned areas concerning the Americas.

Accepted manuscripts go through the editorial process, which involves five stages: 1) associate editors and the Editor-in-Chief carry out a preliminary evaluation of the manuscript (originality, theme, quality and presentation); 2) two external referees evaluate the content in a linear and single-blind review; 3) after receiving the report from the referees, the Editor-in-Chief informs the author about the judgement without disclosing the referees’ identities; 4) the assistant editor takes charge of the text format according to the jounal’s style guide; and 5) the author and journal’s editors review the galley proofs. It should be clarified that although referees make decisions on their fellows’ work, the final decision is in the hands of the Editor-in-Chief.

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